Stakeholder Pension Scheme

A stakeholder pension is a simple and straightforward way to save for your retirement. It's a special type of pension plan that must meet the government requirements about low minimum payments and capped charges. You can claim tax relief and if you pay basic rate tax, we'll do the paperwork for you. The Stakeholder Pension Scheme offers government tax relief, stock market investing and the option to take tax-free cash when you retire.

You can take your pension with you when you change jobs and your employer can make contributions as well. You can get access to your money from age 55 and with the recent pension changes, it's even easier to use your pension savings in the way that suits your retirement.

Key Features

  • Tax relief can boost your savings
  • Invest in a range of funds or choose a Lifestyle profile
  • Make as many regular or ad-hoc payments as you like
  • Increase, decrease, stop and start your payments to suit your circumstances
  • Flexible ways to take your savings at retirement

The Stakeholder Pension Scheme may be right for you if you:

  • Want to benefit from government tax relief on your savings
  • Want a straightforward way to invest for the long term
  • Can make regular or ad hoc payments
  • Are employed, self-employed, unemployed or saving on behalf of a child or grandchild.

About our funds

Our funds invest in a range of underlying funds managed by Legal & General Investment Management. We use external fund managers for their expertise and because it creates efficiencies that we can pass on as overall cost savings to you. If you invested separately into each of the underlying funds it could be more expensive.

How we manage the funds

We select and review this range of funds in conjunction with out investment advisers. All the funds we invest in are subject to extensive due diligence assessments both before and after investment. Our Investment Oversight Committee regularly monitors and reviews the performance of our full fund range, to ensure each fund is meeting its investment objective.

WS Global Multi Index Pension Fund
Class PRICE Valuation Date
116.42 GBP (pence) 12/07/24 22:30
WS Global Emerging Markets Index Pension Fund
Class PRICE Valuation Date
114.75 GBP (pence) 12/07/24 22:30
WS UK Gilt Index Pension Fund
Class PRICE Valuation Date
108.48 GBP (pence) 12/07/24 22:30
WS Global Developed Index Pension Fund
Class PRICE Valuation Date
306.14 GBP (pence) 12/07/24 22:30
WS Cash Pension Fund
Class PRICE Valuation Date
156.16 GBP (pence) 12/07/24 22:30
WS Sterling Corporate Bond Index Pension Fund
Class PRICE Valuation Date
191.47 GBP (pence) 12/07/24 22:30

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