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You must be at least 55 before you can take your pension savings. Sometimes you can get access to your money before 55 if you retire early because of ill health or incapacity. Please contact us if you think this may be relevant to you.

There are many ways to take your pension savings and you can manage how you take lump sums or income in a way that suits your needs as you go through retirement. 

If you have an WMUK pension, are aged 55 or over and want to access your pension savings, call us on 0345 055 0606 to discuss your options.

You can normally take up to 25% of your pension savings as tax-free cash. The remaining 75% will be taxed as income.

You can take your savings from age 55 or earlier in limited circumstances on health grounds - see "when can I take my pension savings" above. Please bear in mind that we use your selected retirement date to calculate the value of your pension savings, so if you take any money out earlier, your pension value may not be as much as you were expecting.

Please see the Retirement Options document on Further sources of information.

Usually, yes. This will alter the date you decide what to do with your pension savings.